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May 2018 - Data center efficiency

Interested on how to reduce your carbon footprint? Saving energy and increasing efficiency? Want to recoup some of your investment costs?

September 2017 - Cyber Security Incident Response Exercise

Participants in the Cyber Security Incident Response Table Top Exercise will find themselves responding to an actual cyber-attack.  A filmed series of events will unfold rapidly during this highly interactive exercise.

May 2016, On being an IT Director and a KGB Agent

We will have a nationally known speaker who will speak on the current state of technology and his interesting background. Jack Barsky, who appeared on a CBS 60 Minutes segment last year, was an IT Director at a CATA User Member site, NYISO, before he retired, was also an Agent for the Soviet Intelligence Agency, the KGB.

September 2015, Green IT

Sustainability, energy efficiency and consequent or potential cost savings are not new concepts in this day and age.  All these things should be done when opportunities arise for all the right reasons.  CATA’s September meeting brings you a panel of experts in this industry who will share their knowledge and stories about ways this is being accomplished in the world of IT.  No matter how big or small, we hope to equip you with a range of knowledge and identify actions you and your organizations can take towards green IT.

Panel Discussion with speakers from Panduit and UAlbany.

Panel Discussion coordinated by Odette Fung.

May 2015, Big Data and Data Analytics

Speakers from Oracle, HP, and Tableau will showcase imaginative use of their technology.


coordinated by Cindy Herrmann.

September 2014 - Next Generation Wireless LAN Technology

Our SeptemberCATA event will feature a panel of experts from Aruba, Cisco, and HP discussing the next generation of wireless LAN technology (802.11ac).  The panel will describe the new functionality and performance 802.11ac provides, as well as design and implementation considerations, new applications, and network management of a merged wired/wireless environment, and other topics.

Event coordinated by Joel Conklin.

May 2014, Next Generation Firewalls

A fairly new defense against network attacks is the Next Generation Firewall, which combines the functionality of a traditional firewall with intrusion prevention and application awareness.  Come listen to a panel of experts from Palo Alto Networks, Hewlett Packard, Juniper Networks, and Cisco Systems discuss the benefits of a Next Gen Firewall and how this technology can help keep the bad guys out.

February 2014, Physical Infrastructure Panel - Navigating a Smooth Trip on the Road to 40 Gig

The need for more speed and capacity never goes away. Today, many companies are seeing incidental peaks of traffic nearing 10 Gbps. Given exponential traffic growth over the past few years, some expect to need more capacity within 12 to 24 months. As existing networks experience more traffic increases and greater peak saturation before they are upgraded, the increased packet loss will lead to error messages in applications and actions that can’t be completed –  lost productivity in general.

This month’s panel will focus on the 10 to 40 gig migration from the customer’s perspective. We will discuss the various pathways to accomplish that transition, and an overall guideline of what to look for and a roadmap regarding the who, what, when, where, why and how to accomplish a “smooth trip on the road to 40 gig”.

We hope you will join us.

Tim Hurley Coordinating.

January 2014, Video Conferencing

The January 2014 meeting of the Capital Area Technology Association will be held on January 15th and the topic will be Video Conferencing with representatives from the leading videoconferencing manufacturers participating in a panel discussion.

The Video Conferencing field has evolved from the fixed conference room installations, to mobile carts to desktop and handheld devices.  Conference Bridges have evolved from the expensive proprietary offerings to cloud offerings.

Participants from AvayaCisco and Polycom will be available to answer your questions on the current and future state of Video Conferencing.

Mike Mahar coordinating.

December 2013, Holiday Party

Holiday Party. Jim Snack speaking. Great raffle, great speaker, great friends.

Click to see pictures.

November 2013, Unified Communications (VoIP)

A panel discussion on the current state of Unified Communications “UC” technology and its adoption within the enterprise marketplace. These UC applications go beyond traditional telephone and voice mail, and encompass video, multi-media, presence, speech to text, etc. We will look at the applications that are driving adoption of Unified Communications. We will be discussing this with three vendors offering their opinions, insights, and implementation experiences.

October 2013, BYOD

BYOD is a phrase that has become widely adopted to refer to employees who bring their own computing devices – such as smartphones, laptops, iPads, Tablets and PDAs – to the workplace for use and connectivity on the corporate network.

September 2013 4G wireless presentation

Chris will provide an overview of 4G wireless technology, and discuss the latest business and individual applications that take advantage of the high bandwidth that 4G offers, including video and machine-to-machine applications.

May 2013, 25th Anniversary celebration, iPhone and iPad in Business Briefing

Apple invites you to learn how iPhone & iPad are transforming the way businesses work.  See how other organizations are using iPhone & iPad to access critical business information on the go and improve the way they engage with employees and customers.  You’ll also learn how iPhone & iPad integrate securely into your business infrastructure, and discover how your organization can benefit through the use of App Store and in-house apps.

Pursuant to the By-Laws of the Capital Area Technology Association, the May 2013 meeting has been designated as our annual Business Meeting.  All members in good standing will be asked to vote on the proposed Board of Directors for the 2013-14 fiscal year as presented last month by the Nominating Committee.

April 2013, WAN optimization

Big data and cloud services add significant requirements both in the data center and the remote office. WAN optimization becomes critical to network performance. We’ve invited industry leaders from Cisco, Citrix, Riverbed, and others to unveil their solutions at our next meeting.

march 2013, security

It’s 2013 and everything has changed. Businesses of all shapes and sizes, in every market segment are successfully engaging in security practices, managing risks and defending themselves from malware, malicious insiders and Foreign Governments. Executives have finally “seen the light” and are investing in the people, processes and technologies to secure their critical assets. We have arrived.


Lies, all lies.


It’s 2013 and security is broken. Security clichés continue to be overplayed yet we see organizations learning the hard way every day. Nothing has changed. This session will provide attendees with the latest threat intelligence, an explanation of why security paradigms continue to fail and fresh perspectives on solving old challenges.

Network Infrastructure panel

Representatives from HP, Cisco, Dell, and Avaya will discuss the latest topics and trends in network infrastructure, including convergence, Software Defined Networks (SDN), network virtualization, simplified management, and cost-of-ownership.  The vendors will describe why you should consider them for your next network infrastructure project.

Holiday Party 2012

We will have a guest speaker, Lisbeth Calandrino who is known for creating custom-tailored training programs covering every aspect of retail for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers at all levels within the floor covering industry as well as outside. This includes the development and creation of programs and materials for sales training, introduction of new programs and products, and presentation skills for executives and sales associates.  Lis’ inspirational, humorous and high-energy approach to training makes her one of the most in-demand business management consultants for businesses ranging from independent flooring retail stores to Fortune 500 corporations.

And, you don’t want to miss our wonderful Holiday raffle.

NYS Technology

Kishor Bagul to speak.




It’s hard to believe that 15 years ago Amazon was a struggling online book retailer.  Please join us for a presentation on this amazing transformation and the future of cloud infrastructure.

IPV6 Panel Discussion

A panel discussion about  Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). Panelists include representatives from Fibertech Networks, Time Warner Cable Business Class, tw telecom, and Tech Valley Communications.